How To… Prepare and Cook Chicken

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Learn how to utilise the humble chicken! from tying ready for roasting, to breaking down into individual cuts and creating delicious dishes!

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The details

Join us for a morning of Preparing and Cooking Chicken - Learn how to tie a chicken ready for roasting, break down a chicken into different cuts, how to best utilise each part of the chicken in various ways for different dishes.   This cookery course includes   
  • Arrival 9:45am for tea, coffee, sweet treat and introductions
  • Tie, butcher and cook various cuts of chicken
  • Enjoy you chicken dishes throughout the course of the day
  • a beverage in the cookery school
  • Keep any of your prepared and cooked chicken that you do not eat!
  • Salt Tote bag and pen
  • Recipe cards
  • Finish time 2:30-3pm